Switching to electric made simple and affordable

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Onsemble will soon be available in Marin, Sonoma, and Contra Costa counties.

Imagine a future where clean, efficient, electric appliances power our homes and communities.

The process of replacing gas-burning appliances has been opaque, clunky, and expensive — until today. Onsemble makes it easy for you to find and claim incentives that make switching to electric appliances more affordable than ever. And, our hassle-free installation process handles the rest.

Replace your old water heater with a 3X more energy-efficient electric system.

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Upgrading your water heater made simple, affordable, and rewarding

Seamless, all-in-one app experience

Scan your existing appliance, connect with a top-rated contractor and schedule your installation in just a few taps.

Instant incentives, zero hassle

Unlock thousands of dollars in incentives upfront, so you don’y have to worry about claiming it later.

Cleaner, efficient and impactful

Step into the future: Your demand response-enabled home doesn't just save energy; it earns cash while actively supporting a cleaner, more sustainable grid.

How it works

Onsemble’s mission is to decarbonize homes everywhere and transform them into clean energy powerhouses that play an active role in building a sustainable future.

We partner with top-rated contractors in your neighborhood.

Albert Nahman
“Great work, super reliable, friendly and professional.”
- Julius N.
Fast Water Heater Company
“The whole process to upgrade my water heater was smooth and stress free!”
- Jon T.
Albert Nahman
“Thank you so much for honest work and great pricing.”
- Melonie J.

Invite a neighbor and everybody wins

Let’s keep the momentum going and transform your neighborhood into a model sustainable community.

Refer others to join you in this mission. With each new upgrade, we move closer to a cleaner, more reliable grid in the future.

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