Letter from the founders
Climate change is scary, vast, overwhelming, existential. But we only need to change one thing: everything. We need to electrify it all. With Onsemble, the electric future starts at home. 
For many of us, our homes emit more greenhouse gasses than our cars, and they generate 20% of U.S. emissions. Gas-powered furnaces and water heaters keep our rooms cozy and our showers hot. But they’re warming more than our homes: they’re contributing to a warming planet. This used to be the only way. But not anymore. With heat pumps and heat pump water heaters, we can decarbonize our homes without sacrificing comfort. 
While the solution is simple, the process today is anything but. Replacing your appliances today means calling contractor after contractor, navigating the maze of tax breaks and rebates, and maneuvering painful permitting processes.Onsemble is an easy button for the hard parts of decarbonizing your home: an app that helps you seamlessly navigate the incentive and contractor landscape, and replaces your gas burning appliances with the efficient alternative.
Once Onsemble has helped electrify your appliances, we can turn them into a critical power resource for the broader electric grid. As more of our life becomes electrified, we can harness the power of our devices to ensure demand for electricity never outpaces supply. Onsemble will subtly shift your energy demand, keeping your home perfectly comfortable and earning you money back on any electricity you save – all while helping the grid stay balanced for everyone. 

It’s time to clean house. We’re Onsemble, and we’re on a mission to decarbonize every home and make them part of a cleaner, more reliable electric grid. 
Julia Yrani and Rick Klau
Onsemble co-founders

Our Team

Kalyani Menon
Head of Marketing
Chad Asay
Head of Customer Success
Scott Martin
Head of Engineering
Sacha Ostern
Head of Partnerships
Renata Stewart
Brand & Strategy, MBA Intern
Rick Klau
Co-Founder & CEO

Rick Klau was most recently the Chief Technology Innovation Officer for the state of California. Prior to that, he spent 13 years at Google – in business development, product management, and nine years as a partner at Google Ventures. Rick sits on several boards, including Hajoca – one of the country's largest privately-held wholesale distributors of plumbing and HVAC supplies.

Julia Yrani
Co-Founder & President

Julia Yrani was most recently Global Head of Strategic Alliances at Synack, leading an international business development and strategic partnerships team across both the public and private sector. She spent 10 years in product and go-to-market in the cybersecurity industry before turning her sights to the biggest security threat of our time: climate change. 

Karen Hsing
Frontend Engineer
Austin Kim
Backend Engineer

Backed by partners and advisors who believe in the electric future.

John Doerr

Join us. It’s electric.

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