“I picked Onsemble because it solely exists to help homeowners make smart energy choices for their homes. Unlike other tools, they take care of the whole problem. The alternate process was confusing and painful. I was sent to four different websites and given a list of plumbers that I didn’t know what to do with.”

Finding a sustainable solution for an outdated water heater

When a home inspection revealed that my gas water heater was 20 years old and needed replacing, I knew I had to find a solution that was not only efficient but also aligned with my commitment to sustainable living. Having already invested in solar power and battery backup due both to my desire to be sustainable and my utility provider’s unreliable service, it made sense to choose a long-term, energy-efficient solution, even if it was more expensive upfront.

An early adopter’s challenges in home energy efficiency

My journey began in 2012 when I became an early adopter of an electric vehicle. When the pandemic hit, I started exploring additional ways to enhance my home's energy efficiency. However, my initial experiences with contractors were frustrating. I was referred to several plumbers who either couldn’t provide the information I needed or tried to convince me to choose a less efficient system, then quoted me a price that made the switch impractical. Taken together, this made the entire process feel haphazard, stressful, frustrating and ultimately unsuccessful.

Discovering Onsemble: a seamless and professional experience

From the very start, the Onsemble team stood out for their knowledge, friendliness, and professionalism. Onsemble handled everything from pre-inspection to the final installation of my new hot water heater. Unlike my previous experiences, Onsemble's team ensured that the job was done right end-to-end.

Choosing Onsemble was a game-changer. They specialize in helping homeowners make smart energy choices, taking care of the entire process so you don't have to deal with multiple plumbers or confusing steps. Their comprehensive approach saved me time, money, and hassle. The team’s personalized interactions made the entire experience smooth and satisfying.

Thanks to Onsemble, I now have a new heat pump water heater and I am well on my way to a more sustainable home. I can’t wait for Onsemble to start providing heat pumps for space heating too.

If you're looking for a company that makes smart energy choices effortless, I highly recommend Onsemble. They truly care about their customers' satisfaction and take pride in providing top-notch service.

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