Onsemble Launches to Accelerate Transition to Electric Appliances and Create Reliable Grid Through Virtual Power Plant

September 6, 2023
Onsemble emerged from stealth today, announcing $3 million in seed funding to accelerate the country’s transition to electric appliances and harness their flexibility to help stabilize the electric grid. Onsemble was founded in 2023 by Rick Klau, formerly of Google Ventures and CTIO of the State of California, and Julia Yrani, former cybersecurity executive.

Twenty percent of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions come from powering homes – primarily from fossil-fuel burning appliances. Onsemble will electrify these devices and build a virtual power plant that will shift energy use during peak hours. The company's mobile app uses AI to recommend upgrades, schedule installation, combine incentives to lower up-front costs, and enable homeowners to earn revenue by shifting consumption.

"Electrifying homes is essential to meeting our climate goals, and the Inflation Reduction Act’s homeowner incentives present a once in a generation opportunity for mass adoption of the technology -- but the current consumer experience is fundamentally broken," said Rick Klau, Co-founder and CEO of Onsemble. "We remove the friction from going electric." 

“Once electrified, these connected home appliances hold huge potential to facilitate a more reliable and efficient electric grid – this is critical during a time when the climate crisis is already pushing it to its limits,” said Julia Yrani, Co-founder and President of Onsemble. “The Onsemble platform enables homeowners to contribute to a clean energy future and earn money in the process.”  

Onsemble's seed funding was co-led by Union Labs and Third Sphere, with participation from John Doerr, K9 Ventures, Cleo Capital, and Incite, along with a number of angel investors with expertise across software, climate, government, and consumer technology.

“We loved that the Onsemble mission is focused on the bigger picture,” said Nate Williams, co-founder and General Partner at Union Labs Ventures. “They are not only thinking deeply about how to responsibly bring new electric load onto the grid through their virtual power plant but also innovating in the design and implementation of home electrification.”

"The Onsemble team brings deep expertise across climate tech, consumer software, public-private partnerships, and growth to make going electric simple while making homeowners the heroes of the grid," said Stonly Baptiste-Blue, Managing Partner at Third Sphere. "We're thrilled to back their vision and work with them to launch and scale." 

Onsemble’s mobile app launches in select markets in October 2023, followed by nationwide expansion in 2024 to coincide with the availability of Inflation Reduction Act rebates and incentives. The company aims to electrify one million homes by 2027.

Questions? Contact press@onsemble.com.