“Onsemble gets 10’s across the board.  Too good to be true does not apply in this case.  Chad communicated through the entire project, even following up afterwards to make sure everything was correct and that we were satisfied with the installation.  I am looking forward to upgrading my furnace and spa heater.  Please keep me informed of any other appliances that will benefit my family and the 🌎.”

A seamless water heater replacement with Onsemble

As an electrician, I had an old water heater in the garage that needed replacing. I had a 50-gallon gas tank and needed to switch to a Rheem 50-gallon heat pump water heater (HPWH). With Onsemble’s help, my project ended up costing me only a little over a hundred dollars.

The Onsemble team communicated throughout the entire project, ensuring that every detail was handled professionally and to code. Their dedication to double-checking all the work for safety and compliance was evident. They even train their contractors on how to install a heat pump water heater, emphasizing the importance of doing everything correctly and safely. Thanks to Onsemble’s thorough approach and expertise, the installation was seamless and stress-free. They not only helped me replace my old water heater but also provided invaluable advice and guidance on future upgrades. I’m excited to continue working with Onsemble for my other home upgrades.

If you’re looking for a company that truly understands energy efficiency, I highly recommend Onsemble. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and professional excellence makes them stand out in the industry.

Upgrade your water heater today—up to 75% of the cost covered. Download the Onsemble app and claim every rebate upfront. Plus, the install is hassle-free.