“Onsemble's knowledge of the energy arena is very deep and their professionalism and timeliness saved us a lot of money and removed the hassles of dealing with various entities and overlapping rebates. Onsemble is totally worth the commitment.”

Overcoming home electrification challenges

I faced significant challenges while trying to upgrade my existing electrical panel to accommodate newer, more efficient electric appliances. Navigating various contractors and bids, I struggled to get the best deal for my electrical panel upgrade, which made the process feel overwhelming and stressful.

I had a wonderful experience with Onsemble. My heat pump water heater upgrade could have cost about $7,500 without rebates. Thanks to Onsemble’s adept management of the process, including navigating various rebates, I ended up paying a mere $1,500 for everything—all inclusive.

Exceptional support and guidance from Onsemble

But the support didn’t stop there. The Onsemble team went above and beyond, not only ensuring a smooth water heater installation but also advising me on my electrical panel upgrade. They provided guidance, evaluated different bids, and helped me understand the complexities of the work required. This advisory role was crucial in helping me make informed decisions and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Throughout the installation, the Onsemble team provided exceptional support, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience.

Onsemble is totally worth the commitment. If you're looking for a company that truly cares about your energy efficiency goals and provides a hassle-free service, I highly recommend Onsemble.

Upgrade your water heater today—up to 75% of the cost covered. Download the Onsemble app and claim every rebate upfront. Plus, the install is hassle-free.